PCCW/HKT Graduate Development Programmes

In the era of digital transformation, technology is a forceful enabler, while talent and culture are the core and irreplaceable changemakers.

PCCW/HKT Graduate Development Programmes are structured career development initiatives designed to offer university graduates and early-career talent extensive exposure to industry-leading projects, skills and knowledge to equip them as an outstanding professional and fast-track their growth to support our wide-ranged services as a technology conglomerate.

We aim to nurture young talent as business and technology leaders of tomorrow through building their all-round technical and leadership capabilities, empowering them to achieve career aspirations while driving the group’s transformative impact as a top-tier techco.

Our programmes cover six major categories, including Engineering Associate| Technical Associate |Business Associate | China Associate | IT Associate| and Corporate Associate. Specialised programmes are available to accelerate the career growth of participants through their journey of development.

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Engineering Associate

Engineering & Technology Services

  • Up-and-coming Technologies (e.g. 5G, AI)
  • Diversified Job Rotation Opportunities
  • Professional Accreditation (IET, HKIE, CCNA)

Technical Associate

Solutions Delivery

  • Software development/ Engineering role
  • Accreditation (CCNA, HCIA, ITIL, AWS, etc.)
  • Cross-stream job rotation                                  

Solutions Consulting

  • Smart City / Mega Project (5G, Cloud)                                                            
  • Solutions Design & Consulting                                                                 
  • Accreditation (CCNA, AWS, MCITP, etc.)                                 

Digital Ventures

  • Loyalty Programme & E-commerce
  • Mentorship & Buddy System                                                                      
  • Professional Development Plan                                                                           

Business Associate

Sales & Marketing (B2B)

  • Customer Engagement
  • Marketing and Event Management
  • Cross-stream job rotation                           

Digital Ventures

  • FinTech, Loyalty Programme & E-commerce
  • Mentorship & Buddy System
  • Professional Development Plan

Sales & Marketing (B2C)​

  • Smart Home Technology Exposure​
  • Diversified Business Exposure
  • Project Management & Delivery                           


  • Regional Exposure
  • Cross BU Job Rotation
  • Dedicated Career Mentorship                        

China Associate

Greater Bay Area (B2B)

  • Cross-border Exposure
  • Engaging Mentorship
  • Structured Learning, eLearning

Greater Bay Area (Digital & IT)

  • GBA Exposure & Career Opportunities
  • Digital Transformation & Strategic IT Projects
  • On-the-job training & Accreditation

IT Associate

Digital & IT

  • Digital Transformation & Strategic IT Projects
  • On-the-job training & Accreditation
  • Mentorship & Buddy System

Innovation Lab

  • Research and Development
  • Mentorship & Buddy System                                        
  • Career Development Opportunities

Corporate Associate


  • Coming Soon

Human Resources

  • Comprehensive Development Initiatives
  • On-the-job Training & Learning
  • Mentorship & Buddy System